SNS Event & Entertainment is one of the exclusive company that organises its own events and functions for public as well private customers run by Roushan Kumar Pandey. Being part of the entertainment industry for more than 10 years we have gained lot of experience working with small, medium, large, and corporate firms. Handling them with perfection and sophisticated management has given us the confidence to keep motivated and further excel in this competitive industry. We also provide artists, organisers, celebrities, singers, musicians, standup comedians, and multiple talented people for handling activities related to Entertainment industry.

SNS Philosophy

SNS is completely dedicated to entertainment industry with promoting next generation of talents who have the immense talent and give public a thrilling experience with their events.

SNS Values

We value individuals for their talent and dedication to further enhance their skills by performing at their optimum using SNS platforms to become future starts in this entertainment industry.

SNS Approach

SNS works and organises its own events only with complete management of artists and onsite logistics with impeccable experience with enjoyment all around.

We have worked in multiple niches and genres with Entertainment Events, Family Events, Mall Inauguration, School Function, College Event, Navratri Celebrations, Holi Festivities, New Year Eve, TV Commercial, Photoshoot, Live in Concert, Awards Ceremonies, Product Launch, Movie Promotion, and Brand Campaigns are the prime activities SNS is closely associated with.

Arranging things from scratch, setting up platforms, on-premises activities, Audio, and Visual Production services, onsite logistics, Speakers along with travel and transportation are offered to clients with expert supervisors and management team to bring forth the purpose of the event.